Thursday, June 10

Wekfest Respect

During the downtime's here at GG, I tend to follow what my "Superstars" blog rollers are up to. I often read the Chronicles and it's a great world of Hondas to everything else grassroots in this US industry.

Check out this Japan magazine that dedicated 6 pages to our Norcal Wekfest event that took place earlier this year. Upon closer look.. there's a picture of my matte white LS430.. Totally unexpected and sure puts a smile on my face. To be along side some of the greatest Hondas ever built, I am humble to be in this all Japan Magazine.

You will also notice in this VIP section, Glen RMMGS, Mike GS430, and Sonic MS built VIP Honda Accord also got recognized in the mist of all the VIP cars. Great job guys!

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