Friday, June 25

BMW F1 engine M12/13 : 1000hp/liter

Model: BMW Formula 1 engine M12/13
Year: 1985 - 89
Engine: 4 cylinder Turbo Charged, 16 valves
Displacement: 1499cc
Bore and Stroke: 89.2 x 60 mm
Max Torgue: 450 N.m @ 8500 rpm
Power Output: (Brabham BMW BT52) 580 - 790 bhp for qualyfying, 530 - 700 bhp for racing, depending on boost pressure.

This 4-cylinder engine, based on used blocks from production models, was produced specifically for Formula 1 racing. It was first introduced by Paul Rosche, Head of Development, in 1981. During its first season it was capable of between 600 and 630 bhp, an output that by 1983 had increased to between 630 and 790 bhp at 11000 rpm (depending on boost pressure).

Three Grand Prix victories, including the Brazilian Grand Prix, in addition to numerous other top positions were enough to secure the World Championship title for Team Brabham BMW and Nelson Piquet in 1983. This was hte first World Championship to be won by a turbocharged engine.

In the years to follow, intensive development work on the engine electronics and turbochargers would eventually push the engine output up to some 1100 bhp at a boost pressure of 4.4 bar

Snaps & Words by Daniel Pink

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