Wednesday, April 7

Klassen 2-piece Art

Recently Klassen introduced their new 2-piece, Forged center lineup of wheels specifically offered in Japan.

Klassen, as you all know are the highest quality wheels originally made for Lambos and Bentleys. Today, Klassen is concentrating on cars including Lexus, BMW, Infinity, Mercedes, Land Rover, Porsche, etc.

These freshly new forged wheels are manufactured at the best plant in Japan, WORK Wheels.

Currently looking for sponsor cars in the US. Shoot me an post, if you are interested.

Klassen ID

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Anonymous said...

Hello Solo,

Still looking for sponsor cars for Klässen?
I have a nice Cyber Grey Metallic 2010 Camaro.

The K8.0 or K8.1 would go nice with that or maybe even the CSV or CFV in 20" - 22". There is also a nice dished 7 spoke on the "only klassen/customization" web page (8 rims pictured on white background).

Leave a reply here if still applicable and we'll go from there.

Regards, Mike Q.