Monday, April 19

Cherry Blosson San Jose 2006

Cherry Blossom and spring is near. This image was taken back in 2007 at the San Jose Cherry Blossom festival. The Altezza served the lead car in the main intersection for the entire event. 15 Lexus came out to represent the Norcal Lexus scene and even one of our brothers Doug made the drive from Socal.

Here you see the Altezza at its' final stages with air suspension, Endless brakes, new gold chrome pin stripe. Judges stood and listen as I explain the many long journey I had with my old car. Do I miss it, of course.


Anonymous said...

I miss her =)

Brian said...

I was just wodnering what kind of lip was put on this IS?

sLee said...

Bumper and rear valence is JDM Toyota (which means, it is a shorter bumper compaired to US spec)

Lip wing is Rod Millen