Thursday, February 11

LUMMA CLS 730 RS Package for the BMW M5 E60

As result a car that uses all 730 horsepower of a bi-compressor V10 to spread a limit speed of over 367 km/h (228 mph). The 700 Nm of torque helps the car go 0-100 km/h time in 4.2 seconds, feat 200 km/h in just ten seconds. 300 km/h is achieved in 29.5 seconds.

The companies petition this is the “most energetic engine” ever seen on a “highway-lawful BMW.” It is surely an enormous development over Lumma’s CLR 500 RS released in 2007. That car saw a “measly” 560 horsepower.

Lumma Design’s own six-piston front, four-piston rear caliper brakes are worn along with drilled 405mm discs. Ultralight, three-portion pretend 10×21 and 12Jx21 wheels at the nose and tail look great on the 45mm lowered car.

The style package includes carbon fiber boot and bonnet, and the matter is also worn for the door handles, admission sills, fenders, and mirror caps. Designers also replaced the exhaust system. Inside, carbon integrity, leather, and suede is worn gratuitously. Hopefully, the paint scheme selected inside is customizable, as something more faint than the contrasting red, fair, dusk grey would probably feel more appropriate.

LUMMA Design

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ra64freddy said...

Great post Solo.. Great writeup on the Lumma M5 and the vATH C-Class..I'll take the Merk please..vATH is $$(literally)