Tuesday, February 16

JOB Design: Genius at Work

It was 5 years ago, the VIP scene here in the US was little to none. Most ClubLexus members still preferred brands like Rod Millen and TEIN. I was lucky enough to stumble onto a new aero company in Japan under the name JO BLOOD.

JO has built his reputation in the Japan VIP scene with his extreme-dropped and custom kitted demo cars ranging mainly from the Lexus/Toyota family. He actually rocked a Mercedes CL500 and those that know, to have a German car in Japan is basically baller status.

Many do not know, but JO is actually a contractor by trade building houses and buildings. The car side is purely for fun and has developed into a full service custom shop and known world wide. Customers can literally drop-off their cars and in a week, JOB Design can transform the boring stock lines into a over the top aggressive low & wide machine.

I respect JO b/c he actually does all the design and development work himself. The concept is literally in his head. He makes a simple paper drawing and translates the idea to 3D reality with his hands. He is old school! Not many designer today can actually do this. To me, JO is in the same books of the legendary great like Foose and Boyd here in the US Hot Rod world.

Here you see JO designing his latest Hybrid bumper onto the ever popular UCF30 Celsior platform. His unique blend in style is apparent to where he gains inspiration. What makes JO different from the other VIP tuners is his ability to combine the best of ideas, trends and style from multiple automotive cultures all over the world.

Now 5 years later, I have personally seen JO continue to develop new aero styles into his cars and unlike many other VIP brands, he will continue to evolve while the rest is old news.

JOB Design Bigger, Better in 2010

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