Monday, November 9


Since early 2005, Lexus has been teasing the media with a potential supercar concept. Unlike many of the concept cars that end up in storage, Lexus hinted with annual progress as the concept turned into test vehicles at tracks around the world. Even with the economic troubles, Lexus is ready to release their supercar, LF-A. It is powered by a 4.8 liter V10 that produces abit over 550hp and a 6-speed tranny. The car is truly exotic and with a price tag of just over $400k you can expect 2/3 of the car to be fully made from the finest carbon fiber material available. Only 500 units will be sold to mainly car collectors or those that just have half a million laying around.

Congradulations to Toyota and the Lexus brand for their first ever Supercar, the LF-A.
Check out the Lexus Lounge at SEMA 2009:

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