Friday, November 6

SEMA Day 1 LEXUS coverage

After working a half day in the office, I flew into lovely Vegas to experience 5 days of automotive madness. This year, there were talk that vendors and numbers were down compaired to years pass. Although that was very accurate, nonetheless there were plenty of new products and vendor booths ready to show the latest and greatest. There was a strong presence of trucks throughout the halls. Here it is, Day 1 of lots of walking.

Clark of VIP Auto Salon debuted another corporate project, the ISCoupe. With Rotora bbk front and back, new Work Gnosis wheels in flat black and steplip, flat red paint and lots of carbon. This build was finished in less than a month. If Clark would had have the car a few weeks longer, you would see some killer prototype items.

David Huang was reppin the always fresh gen1 Altezza. This car got yet another dowse of more tricks since it was last featured on numerous magazines. Check out the midnight purple color change from the Vspec II GT-R, more wire-tuck under the engine bay, lots of chrome and custom catch-tanks, huge Veilside intake manifold, 20" inch Work wheels, and redesigned interior with new Recaro buckets.

When the first IS-C came out, I did a quick Photoshop of what a 2-door IS-F may possibly look like. The fine folks at Fox Marketing actually created a very similar version. Check out the fenders and skirts directly off a IS-F. With blacked out wheels, stretched and widened rear fenders, and twin turbo power, this IS-C will surely be one to watch in 2010.

I didn't get a chance to find out info on this one.. but minus the hood, it was hella dope!

I will save a complete post for the LEXUS LF-A.
Stay tuned, more to come.

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