Thursday, March 19

Black Pearl Celsior UCF31 *Updates 2009*

Black Pearl Japan has just updated their company demo car yet once again. These guys truly push the envelope on this platform. This time around, they have ditched the all white theme ad when with a 2-tone black and gold appearance.

The redesigned front bumper is much cleaner and adds a hint of the current UCF40 in the lower grill. The 2-tone was very interesting where it dips in the front fender to follow the fender grills, it almost resembles a tri-five '55 Chevy Bel Air. The wheels are incredible. Besides dialing the perfect stance, the black painted lips are so aggressive with that Nascar appearance. The interior has also been redone to match the new exterior design. Hats off to Black Pearl Japan on this excellent build.

Check them out here: Black Pearl

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Yih said...

Man, I LOVE Black Pearl. Every single one of their car is truly groundbreaking and innovative. Absolutely envious of the work and money they put into their cars, especially when you consider the high living costs in Japan. Rich bastards!