Wednesday, March 18

Artisian Soarer SC430

Artisan Japan debuted their latest aero kit for the Lexus SC430 or Toyota Soarer at the TAS earlier this year. When I saw this car, the front bumper looked very similar to the newer WALD designs for the Benzo C63 and had a hint of BMW M3/M6 lower grill opening. The fenders, in my opinion is another Brabus or Lorinser take-off.

What floored me was the rear bumper. Artisian was able to take a very contour egg/jelly bean shape car and mate it to a very aggressive chiseled racing rear bumper. The semi black painted area creates a GT car racing appearance, possibly hinting at the supercharged 4.3 liters of V8 power. I can almost see a NSX GT rear with dual exiting exhaust right under the license plate.

Artisan chose to continue the square edgy lines with their quad stacking exhaust tips. I personally never liked this look starting with the Lexus IS-F, but that is a quick fix.

This design gets a 8 out of 10 in SoloBook.

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