Monday, March 4

Exotic Air SCION GT FRS visits Edge Motor Works

In the Bay Area, there are plenty of tuner shops that sells the usual parts and offer services for a wide range of cars. But how many actually build race cars for specific race classes and employ only race car drivers/builder?.. Let me introduce you to Edge Motor Works.

Edge has been racing for over 7 years in SCCA, NASA, Time Attack, 25 Hour Thunderhill, etc. They are particularly known in the BMW and Mini community for building track record cars in many different classes. With 2 facilities now, Gordon, the brains and the owner of the business along with his master tech, Tony, who holds several class records on different tracks with their E36/30 race cars can now take care of customers in Dublin and Mountain View.

Besides the usual 30/60/90k services, they shine especially for their chassis tuning experience.

This particular day, we visited their brand new 3 week old Mountain View facility and we were highly impressed with their knowledge and workmen ship just from a few example of cars in the shop

Our Exotic Air FRS gets its' first alignment after the SEMA build process and each corner was seriously off. Luckily we raised the rear another inch the night before to solve some of the rubbing issues.

Also in the last picture you can see the new modified rear wing is now completely supported with a horizontal and V-bar to triangulate and eliminate any side movements. I'll share that story in another post.

Edge Motor Works will be preparing their own Subaru BRZ for SCCA and NASA so look out for big things to come from Gordon and the good team over at Edge.

EDGE Motor Works - Easy Bay
6443 Golden Gate Dr  Dublin, CA 94568
(925) 479-0797

EDGE Motor Works - Peninsula
2235 Old Middlefield Way Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 318-5093

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Anonymous said...

That FRS/GT86 is just awesome. Maybe the more crazy car at the moment and for racing!