Tuesday, February 8

Muteki Garbage

This was the damage after using the Muteki Lug Nuts for less than a month. On the second time taking the lugs off.. the key split.

No air tools, all standard hand tools inside my home garage. Stay away..

Muteki = GARBAGE


Anonymous said...

This means you over torqued them. Straight up.

People had this problem with the Kyokugens, which were more prone for this to happen. But at all, if this were to happen , its because you over torque them. And it is recommended for lubing the inside.

Anonymous said...

so if Mutekis is Garbage!! what to get??

Anonymous said...

I have had no problems with my Muteki for 3 years on a track car. With and without air tools.
My Muteki key is black but yours looks chrome like some that come with chinese tuner lug nuts.