Friday, November 12

SEMA–MVP: '61 Mercedes 190SL

One of the most talked-about cars at SEMA 2010 was this ultra custom '61 Mercedes in the D-BASF booth. Built by "Hot Rods and Custom Stuff" for a very special client, this is not your regular old school '60s left-over. This infact is a custom built 1-off '61 190SL that has been cleverly altered to fit a 2004 SL600 chassis. A total of 6" inches were widened in the rear and an extreme 9" inches in the front. Everything you see is hand formed metal-work. The grill started life as a hunk of billet aluminum then CNC into a 1-piece work-of-art. Even the vents on top of the hood was CNC in billet for that ultimate perfection. Under the hood is a full Renntech powered twin-turbo V12 motor pushing over 600 horsepower. The wheels are truly unique. Not because the 20" inch billet-wheels were designed after the original hubcaps, but the center Benzo logo actually has weights on the bottom that allows the logo to stay upright at all times. The interior is screaming old and new with the oem navigation and shifter nicely built into the center console while the classic steering and dash reminds you of the good-old-days. Plush and perfect red leather wraps the rest of the interior for that ultimate sport and luxury appeal. The trunk even displayed matching luggage's also finished in the same fine red leather.

By far this Mercedes 190SL was one of the most unique builds of SEMA 2010. Looks for this at next years Goodguys Del Mar events.