Friday, October 29

Loaded for SEMA 2010

Just moments ago, the transport came and pick-up both Synergy's WALD LS460 and my JOB Design Celsior at the local Safeway plaza and head-off for LV.

It was a complete enclosed 2-car trailer that just delivered 2 Lambos and a Harley bike. So, I'm feeling confident with the driver which is also the owner. Nonetheless, there is always the anxiety and peace of mind when the cars are unloaded tomorrow at the LV Convention Center.

Big thanks to Brenden @ Lexus of Steven's Creek for supplying the transport service.

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Plenty of space on this over-sized trailer. The Lambo had less than 3" inches on both sides for clearance.. lucky my Celsior was smaller than Synergy's LS.

Butt shoot.

Trailer side-door.. noticed the static-drop.

Synergy taking it super slow not to destroy the WALD lip. You will notice the different wheels. Yes, these are not his usual setup. In fact it is a new brand called, Advanti under the KONIG Wheel umbrella. His LS460 will be in the KONIG wheel booth representing Advanti.

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A Total of 5 cars will be present at SEMA under my build. Come look for us under the iForged Performance Alloy/Forgestar Wheels as our Exhibitor.

SEMA Display Plaque:

Huge thanks go out to Jeff @ for creating the custom metal printed displays for each car. Look for this new printed medium to be used more in the 2011 season.

MAKE BIG NOISE @ SEMA 2010  !!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

look good solo. seems like they can use some spacers on chris' car. your car looks good, front is a bit dark, but i like the rear end!

Chris G said...

Nice. =)