Thursday, July 8

Domestic VIP: Lincoln Continental

Lately, I've been driving the Lincoln to several Bay Area shows and I must admit, this giant piece of Detroit iron fits me well. Considered the gangsta roller of the Goodguys fleet, the Lincoln gets a bundle of respect everywhere I take it. From kids to senior folks to car guys, everybody can relate to the '66 suicide door black on black mobster-car. Funny, to those that know, the only mods on this car was the drop, air shocks in the rear and the 20" inch solid billets by Bold Coddington. Everything else remains stock and still in working condition. The body was repainted a few years back and last month a new OEM grill was installed.

Such a beautiful car with lots of attitude. If I were to build one, I would consider a custom chassis, converted coilovers front and rear with independent suspension, LS7 motor with a custom twin snails to power the extra heavy body. To finish up the car, the exterior would look stock with whitewalls and Boyd wheels to be that ultimate sleeper. And to think for nearly $25k, you can actually find one in similar condition ready to go.

Do I see a future project, perhaps.


Douggie Fresh said...

do you have any other photos of your 61?

Unknown said...

I can't find those rims anywhere any chance you know the name of the rim. I know they are Boyd's but can't seem to find them. Thanks