Wednesday, March 10

Wekfest Journey - 2010 // Part 2 //

Saturday Pre-party started at Sonic MS in Mountain View. Platinum VIP, VIP Modular wheels, and all of the SF Crew cars gathered the entire day shooting the breeze and prepping for the event. Many that drove the night before got hit by the crazy storm on the way up from Socal. Darwin was the master host, opening his doors, bays, tools to anybody that needed to do last-minute fixes. Some cars were adjusting coilovers, others were in fix mode like this Q45 with 22" custom wrinkle black VIP Modular wheels.

VIP Modular owners were present with their hellaRad late model Q45. This thing had a custom white paint job with ruby red flakes, 22" inch custom finished VIP wheels, custom aero kit, coilovers w/Phantom Cups, and a custom burgundy cross-stitched interior. Hawt was an understatement.

SF Crew was present. This E-class was just completed. Darwin and the boyz at Sonic created the first frame-dropped E-Class. This car originally came with the OEM air struts. Once ditched, custom UAS bags were mounted to Blistein shocks for the ultimate ride. The drop is insane. Even the Socal boyz were amazed.

But this pre-party was indeed planned to debut one special car. Platinum VIP have been working on an all metal widebody gen2 GS Aristo. The owner was a businessmen that traveled from Socal to Florida. He too was present to witness the debut of his deeply invested project. When Kennedy and his crew rolled by, it was a site to see. First, Kennedy's person gen1 Aristo was enough to ask hours of questions, then the widebody gen2 came up on a trailer. This was the outcome:

One word: Insane.

To give you an idea on how wide this car was, the wheels under the rear fender arches are 21x14s..!! All custom metal fabrication just like the good old Hot Rod days, Kennedy has raised the bar very high in custom body work. The car is rocking a widened Aim Gain aero kit with a full custom stitched interior to match. Full coilovers and Phantom Cups on all four corners take care of ride and clearance. The 2JZGTE chrome motor did not make it in-time but was at the shop waiting to be dropped-in.

Notice the widened rear doors. They even relocated the door handle to fit the new metal body. Back-in-the-days, you would see door handles sunk deep into the original location on wide-bodied cars. Not today. Kennedy has worked countless hours to ensure this quality of craftsmanship.

Although amazing, I did have a hard time accepting the newly widened front fenders. In my opinion, it doesn't match the rear. The front fender looks almost like an afterthought. But, besides that this build was one-of-a-kind.

Look out for Platinum VIP this season as they continue to push the fabrication limits to new heights.

This car took top honors of Best VIP.

Back to the Story:

Wekfest came to an end, when the fire marshall shut-down the show and asked everyone to go home. It was the moment we all dreaded. People were still lined up outside trying to get into the last bit of the show. But, city codes and safety rules are more important and cramming 25k people in an low ceiling, underground parking garage with 450 show cars truly is not the greatest idea. Let's hope Wekfest do not get fined by the city, but one thing forsure.. we need a new location next season.

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Love that VIP GS! Very tight on the trailer!