Thursday, January 28

Static Drop: Drive low FTW

This video is my inspiration to continue to drive at my desired height. Yes the roads in Japan are better than US but this is a culture we choose to live. If you scrape or crack a bumper, you get it fixed. I use to fix my Vertex bumper on my IS300 once every year..

Don't get me wrong, it's personal taste. Yes air sus can allow for ground clearance and therefore less possible cracked aero bumpers.. but something about driving high like a DONK is not very attractive.

Sure, frame dropping when parked is pretty cool. But how many ppl actually see the car when it's parked..? Not many. People see the car when you drive it on the road and that's why I believe in the Static Drop theory.

Drive low 4life.


Jeff Cabacungan said...

Daaaaamn that's low....So brave, so confident but yet sooo nice ! !

mike d. said...

the words of wisdom from the almighty solo. yes donk status=fail. drive low4life.