Wednesday, August 18

BC Racing SEMA Support

BC Racing North America stepped up to support the SEMA builds with their BR Coilovers. BC is the manufacturer in Taiwan that builds many of today's well known JDM name coilovers. Their craftsmanship is track proven worldwide and second to none. Just holding the coilover you can feel a weight difference compared to my old Standard coilovers.

BC even offers an "Extreme Drop" option for those that want wheel tucking madness. The development team in Taiwan were able to create that with the LS430 set, so let's see how low it can truly go.

Matched with Exotic Air Cup Suspension, this should be the ultimate setup.

BC Racing FTW!!!!

Tuesday, August 17

FALKEN TIRES – Doing-it BIG!!!


One of our main sponsors this years is FALKEN TIRES. This is my first time working with FALKEN corporate and all I gotta say is these guys are the most professional ppl in the industry.

Proposal was sent in, discussed over the phone, agreed and committed, a week later tires showed-up at Goodguys HQ. Amazing.

Thank you FALKEN for being so prompt and we are excited to see big things in the 2011 season. I will make sure our Norcal cars will do our part to give you the best ROI.


Sunday, August 15

Fresh Kicks

Last week, 16 boxes arrived at GGHQ.. here's the test fit making sure bbk clearance was accurate.

This week, there should be 16 tires arriving at GGHQ. With less than 2.5 months until showtime.. it will be a mad-dash to the end.


Lunch BOX Cool

How can this Ugly-Ducklin be cool?.. Leave it to Japan to work their brilliant and creative thinking. At stock OEM, this HIACE is just a big A$$ of a van.. Slam it with some murdered wheels, mirrors and some clear lenses and you got something cool. Looking like a bullet train, seating for 33.

*Found on OMG Pancakes

Saturday, August 14

Form X Function

Coming from a background of cars from Imports to Domestics, one thing still bugs the sh*t outta me.

Air bags are cool. They allow users to accomplish frame drops and wheel tucking madness. But, what does the stance look like when the car is rolling?.. Yeah, that's right!..  m*uthda-f***ing DONK, Bubble, 4x4 truck, a old school gasser. It's one thing to have clearance and not destroy your precious JDM fiberglass.. but raising it pass factory stock OEM height is plan-Jane GAY!

Again, I'm not knocking on air bags.. hell, I had them on my last car. But just remember this.. do you get more looks in a parking lot sandwich between cars.. or when your rolling all over town next to other cars, passing intersections, etc. If you have any common sense, you would know the right answer.

If you got air bags, cool. Nothing wrong with that. Just raise it high enough so you don't scrape. Don't reach for the nose-bleed section.. save that for the sport-fans.

***If you miss the sensation of taking turns at high speeds, then perhaps it's time to come back to coilovers. And if you have that rare JDM kit that just cannot be scraped, then get some Exotic Air cups.

STATIC drop is everything.

Escras on da Run

It doesn't get any better than this:

Thai Ice Camery

What can I say.. Thailand VIP scene is blowin' UP.. They are creating unique builds very similar to Japan. Here is a fresh example of a Camery with VIP influences..

Stance = low
Wheel Offset = perfect
Exterior = lip kit
Execusion = flawless

Mad respect to Thailand VIP cars.

Daily Grind: JOB Design GS350

A homie in SoCal is the proud owner of this very clean GS350. It rocks a modified JOB Design aero kit with SSR Vienna rollers, dropped on TEIN CS coilovers, 4-piston Project Mu BBKs and a Tanabe rear section exhaust. The first 5 mods for a great customized daily attention grabber.

New Kicks, New Tricks

Steplip, complete polish 16x9.5 with a +10 offset, for a Canadian Acura 1.6EL.. which is the same chassis of a Honda Civic but comes with different front and rear end.. not to mention the plush Acura leather interior.

I'll post the wheels on the car soon. Did I mention 16x9.5 front and back..

Friday, August 13

MB&F Thunderbolt luxury wristband

Looking more like a Rocketeer Rocket Pack than a watch, this $158k wrist-bling can be yours to show-off on Sunday morning coffee and cars.

ITSFUN Porsche!!!!

Judging by the SIZE of the twin turbines.. this widebody Porsche must be FUN to drive. Complete fiberglass body aero kit and wide BBS kicks. Let me see.. lots of power, little to no weight, wet track conditions.. ITSFUN.

Thailand BMW 5 VIP

Thailand is the hotspot right now for their incredible custom VIP cars. Just look at this radius fendered, custom widebody, Kranze Weds wheels, VIP inspired German BMW 5 series.

They are getting closer to Japan's crazy standard.. while the US builds are simply "bolt-on". Sad.

Sad by True

2 weeks ago, a friend linked me to a posting on Craigslist. Little prepared me for the content forsale on that day.

This was my beloved IS300 which rests at its' final destination in Sacramento.

Big Mike's motor

For those that creep the Honda scene, then the name "Big Mike" is as common as a number 1 with Coke at golden arches. While nobody dares to build a '95 Prelude, this guy comes and sets a standard with this awesome LUDE.

Attention to detail and a eye for perfection. Cool tricks include some shaving of the engine bay and Ryan of Rywires offered the wire tuck. The firewall was painted 3 times, due to extreme high standards and two tricks I personally liked, the tucked away radiator under the radiator support brace and the master cylinder delete.

I saw this at Wekfest and it's my top 5 Honda pick of this pass year.



ONE STAR Japan is offering custom BBK setups for many JDM VIP platforms. They use Brembo 6-piston on a custom 2-piece rotor and brackets. Check out this LS430 with 6/6 pot setup. Notice the ONE STAR logo in "Brembo" font.



If any has an extra copy of this DVD, holla!!!..

Surprise shipment

16 boxes showed up earlier this week, containing 16 SEMA wheels... ;)

Final Konnexion STEALTH coilover

It's almost impossible to find inverted shocks on coilovers for the VIP Lexus and Nissan lineup. Well, look to the left..

Final Konnexion from Japan is offering the STEALTH lineup that comes wtih true inverted shocks. Why inverted?.. Less unsprung weight.

Less unsprung weight means a more nimble car.

Wednesday, August 11

1/1 scale GUNDAM in Shizuoka : summer clouds

Check out this time lapse video of GUNDAM in Shizuoka, Japa: